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Current Volunteer Needs

  • The Program Committee needs new members who have ideas for speakers/topics that will interest our participants. Members contact speakers, introduce speakers and act as host.
  • The Shepherd’s Center needs a Facebook page to share photos, comments and information about Adventures in Learning classes, day trips, and other activities. Our web designer will set up page when we have volunteers update it.
  • Have you heard a great speaker or know of a topic you would like to learn more about? Just call the Shepherd’s Center office and give staff this information.
  • Helping with Adventures in Learning: arranging name tags, setting up lunch,  cleaning up or greeting participants as they arrive.
  • Helping with the Coffee Café, providing snacks or setting up.
  • Do you enjoy taking pictures? We are looking for a volunteer to take lots of pictures!
  • Do you enjoy writing? We need a volunteer to write articles about The Shepherd's Center, the Adventures in Learning classes and Day Trips.
  •  Staffing the office for a 3-hour shift, morning or afternoon.


2017 Volunteer of the Year

Scott Kailer was recognized as 2017 Volunteer of the Year as Anita Lysell and Barbara Jones were recipients of the new Past Service Award at the Volunteer Recognition Celebration November 9.  At the event, 71 volunteers were thanked for contributing 1,780 hours of service in 2017.

Special speaker was Sarah Cheney, executive director of Shepherd’s Center of America from Winston Salem, NC.  She was invited to Wichita to meet with the SCWW Board of Trustees to provide an overview of activities provided by the 55 Shepherd’s Centers across the United States.

Scott’s volunteer service includes providing technical support and serving as chairman of the trustee Financial Viability Committee.  The Past Service Award was initiated at the suggestion of several SCWW participants that there be a means to recognize volunteers who provide dedicated service over several years.  Anita and Barbara have demonstrated creativity in providing attractive luncheon table decorations.

The leader of Shepherd’s Center of America pointed out that Shepherd’s Centers were among the first non-profit organizations to incorporate the experience, vitality, wisdom and compassion of older adults into leadership rolls.  The local organizations seek to identify unmet community needs relating to older adults and then use the resources within this age group to satisfy the unmet needs.

We Need You!

The Shepherd's Center depends on volunteers to do everything from develop programs to marketing to answering the phone. If you are looking for a place to serve, please contact Judy Castor, Volunteer Coordinator at 680-1214.