Good news:  Muffins, cookies, etc. will be available during the morning at the Café. A FREE WILL
OFFERING JAR WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOUR DONATION.   If you would like to donate items for future sessions, please call the office (721-2208).


10:15 - 11:15 am

Adventures in Learning

Thursdays, March 7th-April 11th
West Heights United Methodist Church  -  745 N. Westlink
Registration fee is $40 and covers all classes during the 6-week session. FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Click HERE to download the Registration Form
Lunch buffet ($9.00) by paid reservation due by Monday, October 1st at Noon for the 1st session. 
You may bring your own lunch if you prefer.

9:00-10:00 am 


Purpose of these sessions: Getting to know each other and sharing our most important experiences.

  •  March 7: Our Happiest Moments (Relationships, Vacations, Travel) - Facilitated by Floyd Hansen
  • March 14: Favorite Ways to Spend Time (Today, This Year, Life) - Facilitated by Jane Richards
  • March 21: Educational Experiences (Child, Teen, Adult) - Facilitated by Patty Lewis​
  • March 28:  The Work Environment (Work Experience, Training/Development, Best Boss) - Facilitated by Sharon Chester
  • April 4: Accomplishments (Personal Development, In Community, Leadership) - Facilitated by Martin Mendoza
  • April 11: Family Reflections (Children, Spouse/ Partner, Favorite Relationships) - Facilitated by Floyd Hansen​


  • March 7: Mission Pilgrimage to Israel: Helping Build a Home for a Woman Living in a Tent; Meeting Children in a School - Anita & Steve Chartier
  • March 14: A Retired Wichita Educator Travels with a Purpose:  Adventures of a Fulbright Scholar in India - Lakshmi Kambampati, Professor
  • March 21: Uganda Mission Trip: Six Weeks of Joy - Dave Glover, Leader of Multiple Mission Trips
  • March 28: Uganda: My Six Weeks of Working in a Babies Home - Terry Glover
  • April 4:  A Retired Wichita Educator Travels with a Purpose:  Adventures of a Peace Corps
    Volunteer in Africa
    - Lakshmi Kambampati, Professor
  • April 11: Planning a Funeral Service - Sheryl Duncan, DeVorss Flanagan-Hunt Mortuary


If you (or someone you know) needs help in order to pay to attend Adventures in Learning, full scholarships are available to cover the registration fee for the session ($40). The cost of lunch is not included. You may request assistance in writing, by person or by phone at least two weeks before the session begins. If you need transportation, transportation for scholarship recipients can be provided by Presbyterian Manor of Wichita.  Call the office at 721-2208 or come by to get an application form at 745 N. Westlink.  Completed forms must be returned by February 21, 2019. 


This has been a bad flu and cold season, so if you have a sore throat, fever, are sneezing or coughing or are not feeling well, please be
respectful of others and keep comfortable at home while taking care of yourself.



  • March 7:  Action on Addiction: Risks of Opioids & Addiction vs Pain Management- Dr. Greg Lakin                   
  • March 14: Through the Transition Lens: the Transition from Female to Male - John Angermayr
  • March 21: Understanding Poverty- Galyn Vesey
  • March 28: Cultural Differences between Islam & Christianity- Rev. Philip Shull, United Methodist Pastor
  • April 4:  Immigration 101: an Explanation of Requirements for Visas, Green Cards through Citizenship through Their Work in Settling New Refugees into Homes- David Osio, Catholic Charities Immigration Services
  • Apr. 11 Global Warming: Natural or Manmade? - Speaker to be announced


  • March 7: Kansas Honor Flights - Kenny White, Board of Directors Member
  • March 14: Incredible Amazon Alexa—Enrich Your Home Life - David Lewis, Home & Wellness Technology Specialist
  • March 21: Cricket Alley Ministries - Larissa Freeman, Executive Director
  • March 28: Tournament of Roses Parade: Up Close & Personal - Janie Jacobs, Linda Winter
  • April 4: Raising Kansas Clydesdales - Janet Schwindaman
  • April 11: Container Gardening—Flowers, Herbs & Vegetables - Karen Sanders-West, Master Gardener
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1:00 -3:00 PM

  When the Weather Is Bad….
If the Wichita Public Schools are closed due to
weather, Adventures in Learning classes and our office are also closed.


If you are planning to attend any of these afternoon activities,
​please indicate as requested on the Registration Form.



 BRIDGE FOR FUN - Lila Seager

Carl & Virginia Pilcher

Donna Berner


 “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” - Ken Burns 6-part series on video

Please reserve your seat by checking the enrollment form—you must be registered for  Adventures in Learning.



  •  March 7:  Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse & Devil’s Tower: Scenic Highlights of My National Park System Travels -  Lorrie Beck, Retired Director, Great Plains                     Nature Center, Former Park Ranger
  • March 14: Grand Canyon National Park - Karen Lundblade, Traveler, Entrepreneur &  Life-long Learner
  • March 21:  Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier & Canadian Parks Waterton & Riding: Scenic Highlights of My National Park System Travels - Lorrie Beck, Retired Director, Great Plains Nature Center, Former Park Ranger
  • March 28: Our National Parks & Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - Eric Patterson, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
  • April 4: Civil War Monuments - Constance Wray, Doris Fry
  • April 11: Arches National Park (& the Wave at Coyote Buttes, Arizona/Utah​) - Jerry Burnell


  • March 7: Communicating with Adult Children - Katherine Ambrose, Specialist on Adult Issues
  • March 14: Youth Mobilizer - Ngoc Vuong, WSU Researcher
  • March 21: Decluttering/Downsizing Made Easy - Katherine Ambrose, Specialist on Adult Issues
  • March 28: Avoiding Scams & Protecting Your Assets - Katherine Ambrose, Specialist on Adult Issues
  • April 4: Pickleball: What’s the Big Dill? - Amanda Cervantes, Lead Instructor
  • Apr. 11 For Your Amusement: Wonderland Park on Ackerman Island - Sara Harmon, Filmmaker​